Monday, 28 July 2014

New Hunger Games: Mockingjay part 1 trailer

The third in the Hunger Games trilogy is released at the end of the year and today the first proper trailer has arrived. The Hunger Games is one of my favourite book trilogies and so far the films have lived up to expectation. Let's hope the third will! The final book has been split into two parts with part tow coming next year.

It's released November 21st.


Friday, 25 July 2014

Happy Birthday to The Tree House Bookshop.

Tomorrow is the first birthday for fellow local bookshop The Tree House Bookshop in Kenilworth. It's been a stormy year and it almost never made it but the strength of the community pulled it through and it's starting, slowly, to turn a corner. The owner Victoria has put her heart and soul into it and is doing it for the love of it and not money, just the reason I'm opening Comfy Books. 

I've been over several times to the shop as they currently play host to The Big Comfy Sessions. Between Rob Bridge at Redwood Photography, Richard Harrison and myself we are eternally grateful to Victoria for being such an amazing host. The sessions consist of an act playing one original and one cover. The acts we have so far claimed are so good, we are blessed. Last weekend saw Radio 2 young folk nominee Luke Jackson play and he was phenomenal. His session will be online this weekend sometime. My favourite cover so far is this by London based Chains, covering Carol King's Will You Love Me Tomorrow.
The Tree House birthday plays host to TWO sessions tomorrow. Turn up from 11 to watch recording. The shop is open as normal and we don't ask you to be quiet or anything!


Thursday, 24 July 2014

New Fifty Shades Of Grey trailer arrives

The biggest book of all time comes to the big screen valentines day 2015.
Here's the first trailer released today! Watch it HERE

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

The Man Booker Long List

Today saw the launch of the 2014 Man Booker Prize as the long list of 13 books was revealed. Usually I'd wait for the short list then read as many as I can but this year I'm so busy with the shop that it's going to be difficult BUT, it'd be great to run a Man Booker Prize night in the shop on the night the winner is announced.

Have a look at the list HERE. There are some noticeable absentees, for me The Goldfinch by Donna Tart, which was nominated for several prizes and also won the Pulitzer is a great surprise. It's also the first year that nations outside the Commonwealth are invited. It's proved controversial as there are four American novels in the 13 long listed. Over the next few months these will be whittled down to six when the short list is announced on September 9th, with the winner announced October 14th.


Sunday, 20 July 2014

Opening September 27th!

Hello you
September 27th will finally see the shop open it's doors for the first time. We'll be based at Fargo Village in Coventry with other like minded people. There are several events booked in the shop for the first month, with three happening on the first weekend.
On Saturday 27th at 10.00 the shop will be opened by local best selling author Rosie Goodwin, who took over the official reigns of Catherine Cookson and now has over 20 books under her belt. She'll be signing too!
Later in the evening we have Paul Le Keux who will be spinning blues and jazz vinyl whilst you enjoy the array of cake (and more) on offer.
On the Sunday the brilliant Wes Finch will be playing in the evening, along with Matt Lakey and hopefully another top local artist. Wes and Matt have both recorded a Big Comfy Session so to get them in the shop is fab!

There are more events over the following weeks but these will all be announced very shortly. There's a poetry open mic, Q and A's and of course, signings!

I'd love to see the shop packed to the rafters so please come down for the opening, then keep coming back! If you're on Facebook, you can add yourself to the Facebook event HERE.


Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Target SMASHED! New target to get to in 2 DAYS!

In a little under 2 weeks the £1500 target for the crowd fund was hit, then some more came in.
I was contacted by the Crowd Funder people who said "This is the best crowd fund ever in the history of crowd fund" (I possibly over reacted there) but anyway, they encouraged me to go for double. So I did!
The extra money raised will go towards more events, more bookcases, joining the Booksellers Association and just a general set up of the shop.
They even featured me on their blog right HERE in which they call me enterprising. I KNOW!
I've updated the Crowd-O-Meter (which they lovingly called) and it looks like this.

There are only 2 DAYS LEFT to pledge. If we manage to get to £3000 then I'll host a big party just for pledgers with music, food, drink and more.

There are a few new pledges added too.
You can get a slice of the action by going to:

Please pledge, pledge some more, then share with the world.


Wednesday, 18 June 2014

An update on Crowd Funding

When I started the Crowd Fund I was quietly optimistic I could hit the £1500 target in 8 weeks.
Well blow me down by a feather, in 4 hours of it going live there was over £1000 pledged!

This had me dreaming of raising over £50000 in a month and using a grand on the shop then sodding off to the Caribbean.

Alas, the pledges are coming in but it has slowed down a lot. As I write this it stands at £1272 with 22 days remaining (as the time was shortened from two months to one). Still plenty of time but there is a teeny bell in the back of my mind that gets louder by the day.

I've drawn a diagram to show how it's going.

There are EXCLUSIVE items on offer to those who pledge. You can get a Cushion, a T-shirt, a Tote Bag and a Bookmark! Maybe join the Comfy Club? How about giving the big red chair a name for life?

Please help by pledging what you can.
See all the rewards and watch an ace video written, acted, directed, edited (and even music played by) me at

Thank you